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Welcome to my therapy private practice.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker #28606 and I provide therapeutic and consultation services in San Carlos, California. I am also certified by Postpartum Support International as a Perinatal Mental Health Specialist

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” — Audrey Hepburn

Often times we hear that life is like a garden.  It requires fertile soil, healthy plants, careful tending, and just the right amounts of sunshine and rain.  But life isn’t perfect.  Sometimes the soil we are planted in is rocky or too sandy; sometimes plants have tangled or damaged roots; or suffer from transplant shock or an unhealthy environment.  When life’s garden requires specialized help, therapeutic assistance is beneficial.  As an LCSW, I provide practical guidance to help “analyze the soil;” to give stressed plants a quiet place to rest and renew; to discover what tools will support this particular garden best; to help with the adjustment to the stresses that surround us.

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